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Artspace Summer Intensives 2014


All intensives meet M-F, 9 to noon


unless otherwise noted.


Fee: $160 per week.




July 14 - 18 – Go Figure  - Drawing Class


Polly Anderson – 4th grade and older


(Intensive Figure Drawing from Super Heroes to Everyday People)


Why can it be so hard to draw people?  We look at them every day.  And maybe that’s the problem –

we’ve stopped looking.


Learn how to tap into the ‘seeing’ part of your brain (the right side) in order to better capture the many shapes of the human figure.  Practice with contour line drawing, learn to see negative spaces, shade to create volume, use drawing marks to create textures, understand foreshortening and proportions.


Draw figures resting, figures running, playing basketball, horseback riding, deep sea diving, or saving the day.


We’ll be working with ebony pencil, colored pencils, and black fine tip sharpies as we draw from models and photographs.





July 14-18 - Campfire Songs with Phillips Saylor Wisor


For guitar, banjo, uke and mandolin players - ages 10-15



Learn folk songs and other music from the collective American musical sub-conscience.  Class is well suited for guitar, banjo, mandolin, uke, etc.  Music from different genres and eras will be explored.   Students will learn music basics,

such as time signatures, strumming patterns, chord progressions, vocal lines/harmony lines, & timbre. 

Students will also learn the history and stories of each song.


Most of all, class participants will learn that music played together is often more enjoyable than music played alone.  






July 21- 25  - String Intensive –  8 yrs to 18


Artspace String Faculty


Current violin, cello, bass and viola players. Concert on Friday.




July 28 – Aug. 1 – Beginning Guitar Intensive


Karl Rausch -  ages 8-12




Aug. 4-8  Under the Sea (art) -  ages 9 – 12


Karen Gaudette


In this weeklong workshop, students will work on an individual and group project.

They will create a standing mural of a fanciful underwater world with mermaids and sea

creatures that allows you to pop your head through to have your photo taken!

They will also each create a mask to wear of an underwater character such as Neptune, mermaids, or fish.


 Dress for a mess and get ready to work hard and have fun!






Aug 11-15  Painting and Drawing  - ages 5-8


          Tina Clark




  Aug. 11-15    Graphic Novel  Writing ages 12-17


           Steven Murphy


In this combined classroom/workshop course, young writers will learn how to structure and create their own graphic novel, from the beginning stages of plot and outline, through text, dialogue and layouts. We’ll discuss the importance of character development and back-story, and learn techniques borrowed from filmmaking such as beat-sheets and the three-act structure. The course will move from discussion to workshop, with informal interludes where we’ll talk about our favorite comics and graphic novels, share what motivates us as writers, and consider how the medium can be used to help us enrich our voice and hone our craft.  Drawing ability is not necessary but having a cinematic eye helps.  Please note that this is a writing class, not an art class.





Aug 18-22   Beginning String Intensive – 8yrs and older


Artspace String Faculty, Concert on Friday.




Aug 18-22  Orchestra Audition Prep  1-3 pm


Jonathan Brennand  $110





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Artspace, 15 Mill Street, Greenfield MA